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Olympia Athletic Club

Corey Slagle Personal Training
I love to lift plates, but usually it's plates full of food. I guess this exercise will have to suffice: Plate Knee Raises can help tighten up what a normal full plate would make soft! ___ This is another way to attack the core, as the balancing act that takes place to keep the weight centered over the feet will make the abdominal muscles contract extra hard while the in and out motion of the legs work as a crunch and leg raise combined. To make this a bit more challenging, try leaning back as far as you can without falling off balance. ___ Grab a weight and get to work! Y'all got this! ___ #DoItForButch #CoreySlaglePersonalTraining #exercise #weighttraining #weightlifting #gym #workoutideas #bodybuilding #fitness #health #dumbbells #personaltrainer #personaltraining #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #resistancetraining #suspensiontraining #trx #bodyweight #bodyweightexercise #yoga #yogachallenge #physicaltherapy #Mobility #flexibility
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Is this you? πŸ˜‚ If so, come check out what all the fuss is about at Olympia! #OAC #workout #fitness ... See MoreSee Less


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Jennifer Price Boling Kelli Jones 🀣🀣🀣

We love giving back to the community! Olympia will be giving the entire Alcoa High School football team, cheerleaders & coaches free memberships!

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Great job Olympia! To the people complaining...be grateful for what was offered instead of complaining. It has to stop somewhere. In your example of the band getting it free the next thing to complain about is the parents because you know, they need to workout with their kids...then after that the basketball teams boys and girls because you know, why can football get it but not basketball...then next is the drama team or honor role because well we value sports more than academics in this county...why not just give all of Alcoa high free memberships? Hey while we’re at it Alcoa middle too! Then all of Maryville...you see where I’m going with this? It’s a terrible snowball. BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! They do not have to even do that. Geeze!

What a nice thing to do. However your program should have included memberships for Alcoa High School band members and its director. The band is most often slighted when they are there for every game playing and marching their hearts out win or lose no matter what the weather. They are moral boosters for players and fans alike. Not including them is not appropriate. (I do not have a child who is a band member.)

Olympia Athlete Club, it was very nice what you did for the Alcoa Football team, coaches and Cheerleaders. But you forgot another group of young kids and their leader, Mr.Terry, that is just important, The Alcoa High School Marching Band. They are part of the athlete team if no one wants to believe it or not. They go to every game whether it is local or far away, no matter what the weather is (hot, warm, cold or rainy)they are there cheering on the football team from beginning of the game til the end. Playing their hearts out with their music whether it be in the stands or during their half time show. People forget about the band and this is wrong! Their music they play in the stands helps cheer on the football team thru out the game. The cheerleaders even cheer to some of the music they play. The band even plays at basketball games cheering on the basketball team. To forget this group of kids and Mr. Terry is wrong!! They work so hard thru out the year learning their music to be part of the football games. I know their will be a lot of young kids that are going to be hurt that they were not included in this recognition that you did for the Alcoa Football team. They need to be recognized as well!!!

Wow, what a wonderful gesture! What about the other Alcoa student athletes that went to state championships this year that don’t have access to a state of the art weight facility?

Wish you could for people with diabetes who cannot afford membership

Josh Ramsey We gave over $25,000 worth of memberships away. We would love to give every student in Blount County a free membership but we would go out of business. After we gave the football team and cheerleaders free membership some people thought we should give every athlete at Alcoa a free membership. Love ya man!

Steve, I am sorry that other people are upset. I do understand your side of it for the money part. You run a business. But On my part, I am a band Mom and I have to stick up for them. The band never gets recognized for all their hard work that they put in. It is like they are not an important. And they do work hard each year to learn the music they play. And they do want to be recognized like the other kids that get recognized.

love how olympia pours into our community!! amazing that you provided FREE GYM MEMBERSHIPS for the ATHLETES that helped bring home the title to alcoa so they can continue to work hard and train. not sure why band members would need free memberships as well considering they aren’t athletes, not to mention that the band is very large and $25,000 is already so above and beyond as a contribution!!

City schools have more money per student then the county's and I'm sure they have equipment for them also since they have artificial turf and a jumbotron.

Josh and Steve, all I was getting at is this, what you did for the football team and coaches was great. They do deserve to be recognized. They did awesome this year!! You did include the cheerleaders though that don’t get out there and play the game, they are for support as well. Like the band. If they can be included all I was trying to get at why can’t the band be included too. That was all.

Thank you! That is really awesome!

WOW! Thank you Olympia! What a wonderful thing you have done! God Bless and much success!!!❀️

I think it’s so sad that people want to criticize how someone blesses people of their community. The Hepperly’s are the MOST GENEROUS people I know. They give so much to people in need. They would help anyone out, anytime. I’ve never met more sincere, loving people. I’m sure they would Love to give everyone in blount county a free membership, but then it would be overcrowded and they wouldn’t be able to run a business. They already have the cheapest prices around for what they have there and plus it’s great to know such good Christian people bought Olympia, the gym I grew up going to for so many years with my mom to train for basketball. I just wish people would just see the good in people. Just think of the good they are doing to bless so many young adults in the community. I don’t see any other gym offering anything like this but they don’t get criticized for not offering anything. No, only the good people get put down for trying to bless people. It breaks my heart seeing the comments on here. Keep showing your sweet love to everyone, Hepperly’s. God sees everything you do for everyone and He knows you’re such good hearted people. Thanks for being a blessing to me for many years. Just knowing you guys and hearing your testimonies and preaching is a blessing. Being able to see your smiling faces at church is a blessing. You guys are the best. Much love from my family and I. ❀️

Great job Olympia! It is simply impossible to please everyone but I’m thankful I’m a member at this gym! I look forward to seeing them in the gym!

This is great.

Nikki Dykes-Cox

Please include the marching band. They dedicate themselves, work very hard on a daily basis including all summer to support the team, and are at every game just as the cheerleaders are.

WOW!!! That’s amazing!!

Way to go Steven Hepperly

Wow!!! This is such a HUGE blessing!! Thank you Hepperly family for helping student athletes to reach their goals. On a side note, maybe the band students should petition their school to add the mandatory weightlifting class to their students day like the student athletes have 🀷🏻‍♀️ That could be a start instead of demanding a business owner to foot the bill.

Want to know why people do not do nice things any more? This is why!πŸ™„

Hepperly family is a awesome family to work for. They would give their shirt of their back. They have turned Olympia around.

That is so cool! Thank you

Wonderful gesture; but what about Maryville, William Blount and Heritage?

Mark Tate

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Olympia Athletic Club

We love giving back to the community! Olympia will be giving the entire Alcoa High School football team, cheerleaders & coaches free memberships! ... See MoreSee Less


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What a wonderful way to give back to the community. So proud of this football team and Olympia. --- Richard

Thank you! That is really awesome!



Way to go ALCOA!!

Thanks Olympia !!

This is awesome, but you forgot about the band, who also travels to all of the games to perform and half time and supports the team.

This is awesome! Thank you so much for supporting our boys in such a generous way!

How awesome !! We live in such a giving county !

Olympia is awesome!!πŸ‘

How awesome! Thank you!

That’s awesome!

Thank you Olympia!

That’s awesome!

Thank you!

Thank you for such a generous gift to AHS!!!

This is awesome! So proud of Alcoa!

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We are going live at 4:00 with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! ... See MoreSee Less


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I know what it is and I can’t wait!

I missed it too!

Missed it. What was it?

Oh man !!! I will be at work


What is it

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Congratulations Stacey Hepperly @hunternstacey on your transformation! Keep up the good work!
Great job training @gracefulliving89
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Congratulations Stacey Hepperly @hunternstacey on your transformation! Keep up the good work! 
Great job training @gracefulliving89 


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you go!

Good work Stacey!!! You look great!

1 week ago

Olympia Athletic Club

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We are proud of Yvette Herzbrun performing in the Nutcracker at the Civic Coliseum! ... See MoreSee Less

We are proud of Yvette Herzbrun performing in the Nutcracker at the Civic Coliseum!


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Love her!


The BEST BUTT Blaster and squat machine ever!! COME CHECK IT OUT!! ... See MoreSee Less


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OMG yes it is Keith had one at Dynabody I loved it

Donna Manis That’s where this came from! Heavy is a great friend!

I belong to OLYMPA AthlelieClub I love it to

That would blast my knee out for sure!

Hurts me just watching !


I need to do this!!!


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2 weeks ago

Olympia Athletic Club

Corey Slagle Personal Training
It's always nice when goofing off with a client manages to become a halfway decent lower body stretch routine. Thanks @melb92 for the idea! I expect you to do this daily (15 to 30 seconds in each position, obviously 🀣)! ___ Give this a shot if your legs are tighter than banjo strings! Y'all got this! ___ #DoItForButch #CoreySlaglePersonalTraining #exercise #weighttraining #weightlifting #gym #workoutideas #bodybuilding #fitness #health #dumbbells #personaltrainer #personaltraining #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #resistancetraining #suspensiontraining #trx #bodyweight #bodyweightexercise #yoga #yogachallenge #physicaltherapy #Mobility #flexibility
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My mother’s quality of life has drastically changed! She’s in the pool 4 days a week!
If you’re a Senior you might qualify for free membership like my mother.
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How do senior qualify?

A lot of Seniors qualify for FREE MEMBERSHIP! Get moving today!
Seniors are moving this morning!
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Paula LeLeux Gourneau... think I’m gonna join...lol

Address please

Where is this located?

Judy Fuller

What time does start ?

Martha Keeble Hutchens see your Cuz John Keeble working hard, time you for u to go join!

Cheryl Land

John Keeble is this you

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Don’t wait til Jan 1
100 pieces new equipment! FREE CHILDCARE
Children 10 and under FREEE POOL!
24.99 buddy price $0 down
Like Share and comment for a chance to win a free pool party!
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Olympia Athletic ClubIf you have multiple people in same family(household), is it $29.99 per person? Thanks

Liked and shared πŸ™‚

I have free use at Olympia


We all will need a nice warm pool party come January πŸ’–

Awesome! 🏊

Love too have a free pool party for the kids

Oh that would be awesome for my sons 9th Birthday πŸ₯³

Be nice to soak these old bones! :)

That would be fun!

Pool party would be Great

What’s the family rate?

Seth Orasco birthday party β€πŸ’–πŸ’―πŸŽ‚πŸ°


Mickie George!

Pool party Whoop Whoop!

I would love this! Awesome!

Jacob feb birthday pool party

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Giving Tuesday

A portion of every membership fee goes to buy snacks everyday for Rockford Elementary 2nd grade class.
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