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The tradition continues..

Recently purchased by Steve and Tina Hepperly, the Olympia Athletic Club remains open after more than 40 years in the same location overlooking the Maryville Greenway.

The new owners are happy to continue the great adventure of the Olympia family, which includes members from its founding in 1978 and staff who have worked here for over three decades.





The biggest thing is to believe in yourself.

Our good friend, Karen Hansen, lost over 150 lbs and shared her story with WVLT Channel 8 during an interview at Olympia Athletic Club in March 2018.

"I went in every day and focused and very determined with my workouts, my eating got better and I started seeing results. From, there it just took off,"  she told WVLT. "The biggest thing is to believe in yourself that you can do this and start out simple."

Karen lost 150 pounds over three years, including workouts five or more days a week.

Hear Karen's story on WVLT.