Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dustin Hall


Meet Dustin Hall, the owner of Olympia Athletic Club and a licensed Physical Therapist with a passion for holistic wellness. Armed with a Physical Therapy degree from Augusta University, Dustin brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of health and restoration.

Dustin’s commitment is unwavering – he’s dedicated to empowering individuals at every step of their fitness and recovery journey. His approach is not just about addressing current concerns but also about safeguarding against future injuries. Dustin is driven by the goal of helping clients achieve their health and rehabilitation objectives while nurturing their body, mind, and spirit.

At Olympia Athletic Club, Dustin’s ethos shines through. He has cultivated an environment that radiates warmth and support, providing a safe haven where individuals can heal and progress with confidence. Success, in Dustin’s eyes, isn’t merely an achievement; it’s the collective wellness and fulfillment of every individual who walks through the doors of Olympia.